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About Me

Hey! Welcome to my site! I wanted to give everyone a bit of info about me so here it goes! My name is Jennifer Lynn, and I have been a tattooed model for about 6 years. I am actually very dynamic when it comes to modeling. I am super skinny with super long legs, which means I do fashion modeling very well. If you take a look at my Prints/Press page,  you can see that I have also attended many events and have been featured on TV shows. Modeling has been apart of my life for many years now and I have been lucky enough to make it my career. I’ve had the success of being published world wide! Not only have I been featured in print, but I have gotten into doing some video work. you can check out my Vimeo to see! I am an official model for Famous Inked Models, Top Tattoo Models and The Wild Girls.

What sparked my interest to model? When I was little I always had to be the one in front of the camera. Growing up, people kept telling me that I should model. One year I asked my mom and she took me to modeling school. I completed my time there and took a little break to focus on finding a “real world” job. It wasnt until 6 years ago I wanted to try and make this my full time job. I got my first tattoo and was inspired by the many beautiful faces of other tattooed models. I learned a lot over the years and worked hard. I am now a pro at what I do and I made it to the top. I am truly thankful to everyone who has given me advice over the years and to all the fans that follow my work. I continue to work hard everday because of them. I definitely chose the right career, and I’m glad you stopped by to learn more about me.